Professional Supplier of Nano-Targeted Drug Scientific Research Products

Nano-Targeted Scientific Drug Products

Taskcm is a biotechnology company, focusing on drug delivery and nano targeted drug products for scientific research use.

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TASKCM - A Leading Manufacturer of Drug Delivery Reagents of High Quality

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Focus on the R&D of Drug Delivery and Nano-Targeted Scientific Research Reagents

TASKCM is an expert in the market of drug delivery and nano-targeted reagents and the customization services to meet the requirements of scientific research institutions and corporations throughout the world. Most of the products we provided are self-developed. Please feel free to contact us if you have any questions about our products. We are always here to help you.

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What makes Taskcm Different?

The Future of TASKCM’s Drug Delivery Products

At present, 90% of TASKCM’s products are self-research and developed. With advanced equipment and outstanding experimental capacity, TASKCM promises to provide more independently R&D drug delivery reagents with high purity and professional services to our customers in the future.

  • Independent R&D 90%

  • Drug Performance 99%

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