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UCNP/PL Hybrid Cluster

Catalog: TASK-13-1000035   CAS NO.: N/A
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UCNP/PL Hybrid Cluster refers to a cluster or assembly composed of upconversion nanoparticles (UCNPs) and photoluminescent (PL) materials. PL materials are substances that absorb photons and subsequently emit light through a photoluminescence process. This emission can occur in various spectral regions, including visible, UV, or even NIR wavelengths, depending on the properties of the material. Common examples of PL materials include organic dyes, quantum dots, and fluorescent proteins. UCNP/PL Hybrid Cluster can be engineered for sensing and detection applications, including biosensing, environmental monitoring, and chemical detection. By incorporating specific ligands or receptors onto the surface of the clusters, they can selectively bind to target analytes, leading to changes in their emission properties that can be detected and quantified.


Emission WavelengthN/A
Excitation WavelengthN/A
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