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Quantum Dots

Hydroxyl Enriched Graphene Quantum Dots

Catalog: TASK-12-2000006   CAS NO.: N/A
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Hydroxyl Enriched Graphene Quantum Dots are nanoscale carbon-based materials that possess unique electronic and optical properties due to their quantum confinement effects and graphene-like structure, enriched with hydroxyl (-OH) functional groups on their surface. Hydroxyl functionalization imparts hydrophilicity to the quantum dots and introduces reactive functional groups, enabling their facile conjugation with biomolecules, polymers, or other nanoparticles. Hydroxyl enriched graphene quantum dots exhibit excellent photocatalytic and photothermal properties, making them promising candidates for environmental remediation, water purification, and cancer therapy. Their ability to generate reactive oxygen species under light irradiation or convert light energy into heat enables applications in photocatalysis and photothermal therapy for cancer treatment.


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