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Magnetic Polystyrene Microspheres-NH2, Size: 2-3um

Catalog: TASK-28-4000011   CAS NO.: N/A
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Magnetic Polystyrene Microspheres-NH2 are composite particles that combine the properties of polystyrene microspheres with magnetic functionality and amino group reactivity. Polystyrene microspheres are often used as supports or carriers in various applications due to their uniform size, high surface area, and biocompatibility. Amino groups are functional groups (-NH2) that can be introduced onto the surface of the polystyrene microspheres through chemical modification. These amino groups provide reactive sites for further functionalization, such as covalent coupling of biomolecules, ligands, or other chemical moieties.


Particle Size2-3um
Surface GroupsNH2
Ship Within1 week
Storage Temp.2-8℃
Shipping4-25℃ for up to 3 weeks
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