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Catalog: TASK-24-1000031   CAS NO.: 645401-15-6
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1,3,5,7-tetrakis(4-formylphenyl)adamantane (TFPA, 4,​4′,​4”,​4”’-​Tricyclo[,​7]​decane-​1,​3,​5,​7-​tetrayltetrakis[benz​aldehyde]) consists of an adamantane core with four 4-formylphenyl groups attached. Adamantane is a highly symmetrical hydrocarbon structure made up of three interconnected cyclohexane rings, forming a cage-like structure. Its unique structure can make it useful in the development of advanced materials and the study of conjugated organic systems.


CAS No.645401-15-6
Molecular Weight552.7
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Storage Temp.2-8 ℃
Shipping4-25℃ for up to 3 weeks
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