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Biotin-PEG-CHO, Biotin-PEG-Aldehyde, MW 2,000

Catalog: TASK-36-1000335   CAS NO.: N/A
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Biotin-PEG-CHO (Biotin-PEG-Aldehyde, Biotin-PEG-ALD) refers to a compound where biotin is linked to a polyethylene glycol (PEG) spacer terminated with an aldehyde functional group (-CHO). Biotin is a vitamin B derivative that binds specifically and with high affinity to avidin and streptavidin. It serves as a versatile tag for detection, purification, or immobilization of biotinylated molecules. Polyethylene glycol (PEG) is a flexible and hydrophilic linker that provides solubility and reduces nonspecific interactions in biological systems. The aldehyde group is reactive towards primary amines (-NH2), forming a Schiff base or imine linkage under mild conditions. This reactivity is commonly used in bioconjugation reactions.


Molecular Weight2,000
Ship Within1 week
Storage Temp.-20℃
Shipping4-25℃ for up to 3 weeks
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