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Biotin-PEG36-PFP ester | CAS 2353409-51-3

Catalog: TASK-36-1000274   CAS NO.: 2353409-51-3
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Biotin-PEG36-PFP ester can be utilized in live-cell imaging, protein labeling, or tracking specific biomolecules in complex biological environments without interfering with native biochemical processes. The PFP ester functionality allows for bioorthogonal labeling strategies, such as click chemistry reactions. Besides, coating medical devices or implants with Biotin-PEG36-PFP ester can improve their biocompatibility and reduce the risk of immune responses or infections. This is particularly important for enhancing the performance and safety of biomedical implants or devices in clinical applications.


CAS No.2353409-51-3
Molecular Weight2067.4
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Storage Temp.-20℃
Shipping4-25℃ for up to 3 weeks
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