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Biotin-PEG6-PFP ester | CAS 1352814-12-0

Catalog: TASK-36-1000311   CAS NO.: 1352814-12-0
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Biotin-PEG6-PFP ester is used to label specific cell types or cell surface proteins with biotin. This enables targeted imaging and tracking of cells in vitro and potentially in vivo when combined with streptavidin-linked fluorescent dyes or nanoparticles. Besides, it is valuable in the development of biochemical assays and high-throughput screening platforms. By immobilizing biotinylated molecules on assay surfaces, specific interactions can be studied quantitatively and qualitatively.


CAS No.1352814-12-0
Molecular Weight745.8
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Storage Temp.-20℃
Shipping4-25℃ for up to 3 weeks
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