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mPEG-SH, mPEG-Thiol, MW 750

Catalog: TASK-03-1000011   CAS NO.: 134874-49-0
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Poly(ethylene glycol) methyl ether thiol (mPEG-SH, mPEG-Thiol, Methoxy PEG Thiol) is linear monofunctional PEG with a reactive free thiol, SH, cysteine, sulfhydryl or mercapto group. Thiol selectively reacts with maleimide and novel metal surface including gold, silver, etc. mPEG-SH can be easily air oxidized to form a dimer via a S-S disulfide bond. The disulfide bond is reversible with reducing agents such as TECP or glutathione. PEG thiol reagents are thus useful for reversible PEGylation.


CAS No.134874-49-0
Molecular Weight750
Ship Within1 week
Storage Temp.-20℃
Shipping4-25℃ for up to 3 weeks
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